Old Mill Restaurant

My next step in adventure dining was at the Old Mill Restaurant in downtown Pigeon Forge.  The building used to be an old water mill that was used for grinding grains or milling them.  We got there close to 10am but the wait was only about 15 minutes. While I waited I sat on a bench soaking in the atmosphere.  There was an historic general store next door and they had hired a folk singer to play the guitar and sing.  He was singing “Wrap me in old Glory when I die”  He had the perfect voice for in slightly creaking but … Continue reading Old Mill Restaurant

First Steps

My first experiment in trying out new things took place in Tallulah Falls, GA on a recent car trip  to Tennessee.  We stopped in at the Main Street Grill and Barbeque which was right outside of the Tallulah Gorge State Park.  It was a small but important step in facing my fears because as a rule I stick to chain restaurants. I’m so bothered about the idea of getting food I don’t/won’t/can’t eat that many times my husband has suggested stopping at a small restaurants and the apparent look of frightened confusion on my face is enough to stop him from pushing the idea. So here I was determined … Continue reading First Steps