Easy Halloween Window Decor

I’ve been struggling to decorate my windows for years. A few years back I used a mixture of black construction paper and tissue paper to put designs on my window. I used double-sided tape to attach it. It turned out really cute but it was labor intensive and I had trouble getting the tape off.
I hit upon the idea of using plastic tablecloths instead of tissue. I was concerned about how to put the decorations on it without overweighing the tablecloth.
My solution came to me when I was unpacking my Halloween stuff. I enjoy hitting the clearance sales on Nov 1st and get a bit giddy when I pull out the new items from the clearance sale.
What did I rediscover in my clearance finds?
Wall decorations stickers!!!
(triumphant music)
Not window clings – they won’t stick to the plastic cloth – but the wall stickers stick great.
Here is what you’ll need:

  • Plastic tablecloth in your choice of color. Probably not black because you want to be able to see light through it and the wall decals to show up. Because I was doing several windows I bought mine in a roll at a party store.
  • Wall Sticker Decals – I used ones that were mostly black to pop off the orange.
  • Painter’s tape – your best friend for wall decorations and doesn’t damage your walls.
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors

Measure your window.

On a large table cut your tablecloth with three inches above and below so it covers the window area.


Use your wall stickers to decorate the front remembering your borders and that most windows have a line in the middle that will block any of your decorations.

Put up on the wall using the painter’s tape. The rooms that face the front in my house are bedrooms and offices but if you do have the main room in your house front try tucking it in and rolling it so it is taped to the inside of the window area.

The final product from the front of the house.

Here is our cat Boo checking out the final product while we were trying to tape up the second panes.



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