Thanksgiving Shows to Watch

If you want to watch a scary story for Halloween – find a movie. Want to watch a Christmas tale? Watch a movie. Want to watch a Thanksgiving story? Umm…eh…find a TV episode.

Here is my list of television shows to watch for Thanksgiving.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer, “Pangs”

Buffy is determined to celebrate Thanksgiving with her friends, and no attack from a vengeful spirit will stop her.

Cheers, “Thanksgiving Orphans”

Carla hosts Thanksgiving potluck for the Cheers gang. The last 5 minutes are fantastic.

Garfield, “Garfield’s Thanksgiving”

Garfield’s only problem with Thanksgiving is that Jon doesn’t serve lasagne. 

The Simpsons, “Bart vs. Thanksgiving”

Bart goes on the lam when he ruins Thanksgiving dinner.

WKRP in Cincinnati, “Turkeys Away”

The radio station does a publicity stunt that goes awry.

The Cosby Show, “Cliff’s Wet Adventure”

Somebody got to go get some eggs on Thanksgiving.

History of the Holidays, “History of Thanksgiving: Home for the Holidays”

If you found the holiday history interesting – this a good watch.

Full House, “The Miracle of Thanksgiving”

Grandma can’t come so it up to the men and girls to make the Thanksgiving meal.

Good Eats, “Romancing the Bird: A Good Eats Thanksgiving”

A classic lesson on how to properly cook your gobbler.

Friends, “The One with the Football”

Friends rule on having the best Thanksgiving episodes. Starting with the reinstatement of the Gellar Bowl.

Friends, “The One with the Thanksgiving Flashbacks”

The gang recalls their worst Thanksgivings memories.

Friends, “The One With the Rumor”

Brad Pitt guest stars as an old high school chum of Ross who stops by for Thanksgiving dinner.

The Big Bang Theory, “The Thanksgiving Decoupling”

The gang heads over to Howard’s house for Thanksgiving.

That 70s Show, “Thanksgiving” Sometimes you just can’t please your mother-in-law.

I hope this adds enjoyment to your Thanksgiving Holiday.  I do have a few movies that I love to watch this time of year, but they have nothing to do with Thanksgiving. Let me know in the comments if you’re interested.


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