Who Are You Waiting For?

For years I waited for someone (or something) to come and make everything better – in other words – make me better. I wanted God to come down and fix everything. I waited for people to suddenly understand me, my problems and then get them go away. I looked for products that would suddenly change the way I did things and it would be effortless. I would be strong, intelligent, a good person and happy if I would just find the right person or thing.

I wasn’t taught this, and I can’t say where I got the idea. In any case, it was the unspoken belief that I didn’t have to be responsible for my life because others weren’t taking responsibility for theirs. It took a while, but I finally understood I was making myself a victim because other people wouldn’t fix me – COULDN’T fix me.

It sounds stupid, and if you had challenged me at the time, I would have said, “Of course I don’t believe that.” But I did.

I understand that while God loves me and will nudge me and inspire me to move forward, He will not impose on my free will – because I am not His slave.
Other people, friends, family, pastors, mentors, consultants, motivational speakers, can support and inspire me – ONLY I CAN MAKE ME BETTER.

I have to put the work in to make the change.
I know some of you are out there are relating. Some are telling me your not a victim (that’s coming from you, not me) and some are READY to get to WORK.

First, start listening to people who motivate you. Keep listening. Daily.


You might have noticed I said, “listen”.  I am a story consultant for independent authors by trade, so of course, I love reading. But when it comes to motivation, listening is better.

When I have an audio book that I want to reference certain parts then buy the book as well because I am faster at flipping through the book to find the part than trying to scroll through the audio.

Here are three of my favorites to get you started:

Les Brown says, “It takes 17 times of someone telling you can to counteract every one person who tells you can’t. ” (He’s a great resource as well – got to hear him live at a Plexus conference.)  Click here.

If you’re a Christian and sometimes pulling out your Bible, I recommend the Complete NIV Audio Bible read by David Suchet this one is the New Testament.

So listen daily to help get rid of all the “can’ts” you’ve heard or believed you’ve heard.

Move forward. Love yourself so you can love God and others.

Love Ya!



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