Photos for Bullet Journals

I love my Bullet Journal.  It has really helped me focus on what I really value. I get a combination of a planner and scrapbook. I found a lot of great tips on Pinterest and Youtube but there one thing that bothered me.  When it comes to putting photos in the Bullet Journal it’s generally recommended that you buy one of these:

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It is a camera that makes small Instamatic photos to go in your bullet journal.  My first problem with this is that I didn’t have the money and I use my phone to take 99% of my photos because I almost always have it on me. So I went to what I know…my Microsoft PowerPoint program.

Step 1: Creat a block with the dimensions of 4×6 which is the standard photo print size. Click on Shape format and make sure you lock the aspect ratio so when you enlarge the rectangle the ratio stays the same.

step 1.jpg

Step 2: Expand the rectangle giving yourself more space to work with.

step2Step 3: Click Insert and then the photo icon to add photos to your block. They’ll come out larger but scale them down to fit within the rectangle.

Step 3You can also crop your photos in the Picture Format tab to get the part of the phot that you want.

step 3 halfStep 4 – Group the photo and square them up. Don’t take them all the way to the edge of the rectangle because the edges get trimmed when you send them to be developed.

step 4Now select all the photos by clicking them while holding the shift key then GROUP them so they are all together.

*Double check this by moving the rectangle and all the pictures should move with it.

Step 4 halfStep 5 – Right click and save as a picture.

*Check the saved picture. Sometimes even if they’re grouped – it will just save the colored rectangle. If that happens, double check it’s grouped and moves as a unit then save it again. It should have all the elements now.

Step 5

Voila! You now have a photo you can send to wherever you have your digital pictures printed out. (I use Walgreens)

Step 6

When you get your photos. Cut the photos out – I use a pair of small scrapbooking scissors and use an acid-free glue to add them to your bullet journal. Easy Peasy.

Let me know how it worked for you and I can’t wait to hear how it worked for you.


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