Easter Celebration for Teens & Adults

Easter is a great time. We get to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and know that he is who he said he was.

There is also the grand tradition of Easter egg hunts. The problem that egg hunts seem to go away when we get older. Egg hunts are cute as the young kids play but some of us – well I want to still have fun. I found the solution 3 years ago with a post on Pinterest about the Flashlight Egg Hunt! I will put the link for the original article in at the bottom. Giving credit where credit is due.

The run down is that you go hunting for Easter eggs at night and look for them with a flashlight. Each player gets their own color plastic egg to hunt and a small dollar flashlight to search for them. There are also gold eggs and confetti eggs. Gold eggs contain a gift card. The confetti eggs are to steal the gold eggs by hitting a person with the golden egg with the confetti egg. One of the golden eggs is a non-stealable egg because it’s awarded to the first person who collected all 12 of their colored eggs.

I do have a few tips.

  • Host it the Saturday a week before Easter. It’s more relaxing and fewer scheduling conflicts.
  • Pink and purple eggs. Pick one. It is really hard to distinguish the two with a flashlight in the dark.
  • Don’t hide eggs under anything – it’s hard enough to find them in the dark.
    Do a potluck dinner. It’s fun, relaxing and people can contribute. Easter is next week and do the heavy cooking then.
  • Younger children can play but pair them with an adult. They do need to be able to understand that someone will take their big shiny gold egg and it is all a part of the game.
  • Preparation – hit the clearance sales after Easter for your supplies. Like the confetti, plastic and gold eggs. This year I have a basket with football, patterned and glitter plastic eggs – so I have 28 different baskets.
  • Have a couple of extra dollar flashlights because sometimes they quit working so have some backups.
  • One of the eggs for each hunter has a slip of paper that says, “Redeem for 1 chocolate bunny” as host I provide a few but ask each family to bring at least one. That way there another bit of excitement as the search the eggs with candy in them for the slip of paper to get the one of the limited number of chocolate bunnies.  Also, the first one gets their choice of bunny.

Try it out. You too will have a new Easter tradition.

Original Flashlight Egg Hunt Article. 

Talk to you next time.
Love ya.


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