Memorial Pet Ornaments

For a lot of us pets become family and as hard as it is they don’t live as long as us and at some point we are forced to say goodbye. This is just a short little post on how our family honor our furry family members when they die.

Kitana sitting on a shelf next to my desk chair keeping me company while I work

This is Kitana.  Kitana was a stray that we found in 2009 and he became our kitty.  He would lay on the arm of our recliner or sofa, as still as a sphinx, but when you started petted him he made up for that stillness with constant moving getting as much petting as he can.

Sadly we lost Kitana in February.  To help keep his memory  I buy a photo ornament.

This time it is an Hallmark ornament, I like ones that have the year attached.


I simply take the photo insert, cut around my kitty’s photo and insert.

Not a lot of time but year after year we get to say ‘Hi’ to our beloved pets who are no longer here.

Hope you find it helpful.  Merry Christmas.

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