Thanksgiving Knowledge Arsenal Storage Area

Today I am going to talk to you about my most valued Thanksgiving tool.  This old, dusty, plain binder you see might not seem very impressive but it contains an arsenal to help you get through your Thanksgiving hosting duties smoothly.


Like most people, my Thanksgiving menu comes from several sources.  I have recipes from my family, cookbooks, magazines, the internet and even a couple of my own. In my early years I would literally go from one source to another which took a lot of time and effort (and a struggle to remember where I got my recipe from in the first place).

How do I keep track of them now – My Thanksgiving Knowledge Arsenal Storage Area [TKASA] (fanfare music play)!



You too can create your own TKASA.

All you need is:

  • 2″ 3-ring binder
  • Page protectors (to protect that valuable knowledge)
  • Dividers (optional)
  •  A way to copy, print, or scan your recipes


Simply slide your recipe into the page protector and put it into the 3-ring binder.


My  TKASA is broke up into the following categories.

  • Menus – contains my current menu along with my past menus.  Bonus, with the page protector on it I can use the menu page to track my progress!
  • General Notes – Thanksgiving countdown, table settings, etcetera
  • Turkey – The king of the show get his own section.
  • Sides 
  • Breakfast Items – I make breakfast stuff to welcome everyone when they wake up!
  • Appetizers – This encourages people to come and hangout but also have some nibbles while they are waiting.
  • Desserts – What’s Thanksgiving without pie or some other sweet to tempt them with?
  • Games – This is to help keep people engaged.  Encourages them to come early and stay later.
  • Extra Page Protectors – So I don’t have to go find them.

I put my recipes that are keepers in the front of their categories followed by new recipes and rounded out by the ones I tried but decided not to make again.

Why, you ask, why do I keep them?  One so I know what I tried. Also I like it there in case I want to attempt it again or so I can find it if someone requests it.

So, off with you my Thanksgiving padawan and create your own Thanksgiving Knowledge Arsenal Storage Area!



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