Thrilling Halloween Movie Pics

If you are looking for a new movie to add to your Halloween repertoire, this list is dedicated to helping you find movies that are intense but not too intense. All of these movies with the exception of Sweeney Todd are light on gore as well. But the Sweeney Todd defense the blood is mostly the too-red-to-be-real-blood.



The Haunting (1963) – A woman who has been taken advantage by her family finds an escape in a group study on fear held at an old supposedly haunted mansion.

A movie that shows sometimes it the more subtle effects that can give you the most chills.




Halloween (1978) – A escaped mental patient has returned to his hometown and is stalking babysitters on Halloween night.

This is the first horror movie I ever saw in the theater (I was 3 years old – don’t judge my mom too hard she thought we were going to see a Disney movie but due to its popularity they replaced it with Halloween and my older step-brothers talked her into watching it. She thought I would sleep through it – I didn’t) It swore me off from horror movies until my teens.  It’s a classic – the iconic musical score is enough to put you on edge by itself.



The Sixth Sense (1999) – A child psychiatrist attempts to help a boy who struggles with seeing the dead people.

A landmark film with one of the definitive twist endings. Even when you know the ending




theringThe Ring (2002) – Some teenagers watch a creepy odd video and seven days later they are all dead.  A reporter is looking into the story and finds herself in a horrifying nightmare trying to save herself before her seven days are up.

The Ring has some iconic images and the creepy, crawly girl with long black hair.




14081408 (2007) – A paranormal writer, who doesn’t believe in either God or ghosts, investigates haunted places takes on the haunted 1408 room at the Dolphin Hotel in New York City.

This is an underrated film.  It is based on a Stephen King short story but isn’t short on scares and thrills.  John Cusack comes very close to doing a one man show and he did awesome.  If you haven’t watched it check it out.



sweeneytoddSweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (2007) – A barber returns to London after years of imprisonment to find out from an old neighbor, Mrs. Lovette, that his wife has died and his daughter is now the ward of the man who falsely imprisoned him.

I seen this one in theaters.  We went with another couple and the wife intentionally kept the news that this is a musical from her husband so he couldn’t back out of watching it.  He enjoyed it despite the singing.  You might too.


conjuringThe Conjuring (2013) – A family move into a haunted farmhouse where an evil spirit wants to do them harm.  The call in a demonologist and his clairvoyant wife for help.

An awesome movie to watch in the dark.  I went to see this with my husband and at one point he needed to go to the bathroom. So he asks me if it was a good time, I said sure something just happened.  He leaves and it got creepy again right away.  I was sitting in my seat willing him to get back soon.  If you enjoy that level of creepiness and haven’t seen it (for some reason) you should watch it.  I recommend not watching it alone and perhaps chasing it with a comedy!




It Follows (2014) – The less that is said about this movie the better.  It has a 80s horror movie feel and involves teenagers, sex and a relentless force that walks towards its prey.




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