Easy, Easy Halloween Decorations



Frames 6″x4″ – dollar stores are great for these – pick how many you want – I got 10

Halloween cardstock – Stick to one collection so it is easier to mix and match.

paper scissors

acid free stick glue


Pick out what designs you want.  If you main image happens to be smaller that the 4×6 frame cut a larger piece of paper to matte it out (the sample picture in the frame is a great template. Use the glue to secure it.

Insert into the frame and voila you have inexpensive and unique decorations.



An added bonus is that you can store the pictures/paper in a ziplock bag making sure it doesn’t get pressed on or crinkles and reuse the frames for other holidays.

Don’t be afraid to be creative and try out other frame sizes.  If you do the project I would love to see picture and see what you came up with.

Hope this helps you show off your own unique flair for the holiday!

Happy Haunting,




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