Halloween Wooden Banner

A short blurb on my latest Halloween craft effort.

Last year I got these wooded Halloween banners on clearance (score!) and I waited almost a whole year to work on them, so I’ll share what I did.

I picked out three colors I wanted to paint the wooden banner tiles.  I picked black, purple and orange.

I laid out the tiles in the order that I wanted them.


There are 9 banner tiles for each set.  I decided to paint 4 orange, 3 black and 2 purple. All the tiles would have some of the 2 colors either as polka dots or accent colors.


I used a broader flat tip brush for the base coat, painting one side allowing it to dry while sitting on some old paper party cups.  Then flipping them over to paint the other side.

After that I started to add details.  Mainly painting on my polka dots and accent colors.


Let it dry.  Do the flip side.


Lace it up and hang it up.  All done.



Hope you found this helpful.

Happy Haunting,

Lydia Rigsby

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