Running into Myself – Part 2

After running my first few 5Ks it was time to get ready for my next challenge. The National Training Center Lace It Up series consisted of 3 races: 2 Miler in June, 5K in July and a 10K in September. They require runners to maintain a 15 minute mile pace and the race route is hilly.  Prior my pace for the Lake Louisa 5K was :

216   461 LYDIA RIGSBY            F 40                53:16 17:09

which is 2 minutes below my needed pace and on a relatively flat surface. My work was cut out for me.

I was being plagued by the thoughts of all those hills during my next set of runs. My husband and I eventually started training there but kept to the same basic schedule. We’d do speed drills on Tuesdays and steady state running on Thursdays.  It was all good – even though I still wasn’t running as quickly as I needed.

After one session, about 2 weeks before the two mile run, I had a good cry because my best mile was 16:08 and I had no idea how I was going to shave  minute plus off my time.  What I didn’t realize was I had a bigger problem looming.

My right glute had started to bother me.  It felt like an ache you get after a hard workout but it wasn’t going away.  Not too long after the run-where-I’d-cried it started to get worse.  I iced.  I rested.  I did all kinds of anti inflammatory stuff.  I found  and tried stretches and tips on Pinterest and Youtube. It was not getting better.

I went to see my podiatrist to check to see if my shoes were messing with my hips (he said -you know I’m not a hip doctor, right?)  My feet were pronating so he ordered me some orthopedic inserts and  then sent me to an orthopedic hip specialist.

My new hip orthopedic doctor did x-rays and found that, structurally, my hip was fine.   It was muscles so off to physical therapy…oh, and no running.

So, I missed the 2 mile race.  My husband ran in my place. I watched him and my younger son run while I was a little heartbroken because all of my well placed plans seemed to be falling apart.  How was I going to get through the Disney Half Marathon if I couldn’t run?  I didn’t even know if I was going to be able to do the 5K which was a month away. Just to feel like I was doing something I attempted to walk slowly around in a field while waiting for my husband and son to finish but my butt started to complain too much so I was forced to sit, wait and be content with my family’s accomplishments.



Not to long afterwards my youngest son graduated with his GED.  The graduation hall was packed but fortunately my wonderful husband got me a coveted seat along with his mother so my glute didn’t suffer for our lack of foresight.

My physical therapist, for said my glute was going well.  They were focusing on strengthening exercises and massages.  I came to realize that I had a small egg shaped knot back there.While we worked it out I was allowed to cross train  by swimming and biking but no running.  Fortunately my husband had fixed my bike tire for me so I could use it.


The month between races had almost passed and it was now a week before the 5K so I attempted to go and run.  I ran for a bit but my glute (actually it is my piriformis muscle which is under the gluteus maximus) complained – not loudly but enough to scare me and I stopped running and walked.  So, once again I watched as my husband and son run while I waited and wondered how I was ever going to be ready for my 1/2 marathon.

After the 5k run…I am not in it.

To Be Continued…


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