My First Full Real Concert

So, I was reeling from the change in my weight loss plans .  My husband had plans to go to a bike festival.  This left an interesting problem – since food isn’t the center of how I socialize and live a lot of stuff I normally do, I am just not doing anymore. Examples: watching Amazon, Netflix and Youtube less.  It like my brain is less interested in just being pacified by whatever my eyes can watch without having my brain to engage it.

What to do?  What to do?

To the INTERNET!  Typed in Thing to do in Orlando.



Yes, wait that is in Oklahoma.



Oooo…Sister Hazel concert at the House of Blues in Disney Springs.

We have a winner!

Back in December 1998 we were down in Florida from Arizona to hang with Family.  We were having the “What to do on New Year’s Eve discussion?” which tended to go around and around because what we all wanted to do we couldn’t afford and what we could afford there was always someone who didn’t want to do it.  One of the options was that Sister Hazel was playing somewhere on Disney.  Yay!


Some didn’t want to deal with Disney crowds.  Oddly enough I think we ended up at JellyRolls a piano bar which is on Disney property.

Now I get my second chance to see them in concert.  There one of the select bands where I like a majority of their music where I would go see them in concert.  I have tried to go to concerts before.  There were a couple aborted attempts at going to concerts and then I did go see Huey Lewis and the News at the Universal Studio Orlando – and though they were awesome (I’ve been a big fan of Huey Lewis and the News since my single digits) it didn’t feel like a real concert because it was part of the park admission.

So, here I was going to my first concert.

First I invited my adult son who happens to like Sister Hazel as well and he had to check his work schedule.  Then my husband told me that he’d skip the second day of the bike fest and go with me if our son couldn’t come.  Well, I bought the tickets and my son couldn’t come so my hubby was on deck. He was not thrilled because he went to the Bike Fest and had a lot of fun and expressing a desire that he wished the concert was another weekend.

I did offer to let him out of going but like a gentleman he stayed committed – only expressing regret a half a dozen times or so while we were eating dinner at Crossroads at the HoB so we could be among the throng of people who get to “pass the line“.

We get in and though it is “standing room only” there are a few table and bar stools unfortunately we didn’t pass enough people in line to get a stool but we did get a table so I could lean on it and give my knee and ankles – which suffer from arthritis – a break. It was moderately crowded when the first opening act The Christian Lopez Band.  They were pretty good for only two people and two instruments.


Then came out the next act. The Radio Birds.


Their set lasted about 45 minutes long where the earlier group got 30 minutes.  After the first few songs my hubby was complaining that their sound was the same sound but then it changed up in the last few songs and he was pleasantly surprised.

By then though my ankles were hurting.  They started to get the feeling like I was standing directly on my the stumps that go into my feet.  There was a railing behind me so with a very narrow ledge that gave my ample behind very little room.  An older lady who was at the table next to us and had been standing for a bit saw me and offered her stool.  Even though I offered it back a few times she allowed me to keep it.  She was saint.

Finally, Sister Hazel took the stage!

It was awesome.  One of the things you miss on albums that is very evident during the concert is the showmanship.  The easy banter with the audience and with each other.  I never realized how much of a show a concert really is.  They played some of my favorite songs as well as some I wasn’t familiar with but are going on my playlist.

My hubby had a blast when he realized how really good the band was (I tried not to say I told you so but it slipped out anyway). 🙂


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