I Signed-up for a Half Marathon (almost accidentally)

In my efforts to be healthier and forever avoid losing my stomach see here for more info on that – I am looking for goals.  So one day I am looking around on my computer – I’ve been more active – walking the dogs, hiking with my husband and doing my Nerdfitness strength training but needed more goals.  So, since I am walking I should look into some 5ks (actually that morning when I got dressed in my workout clothes I did don a t-shirt from my first 5k that was sponsored by my church).

Ahhh…lots of them.

Oooo Disney Marathon Weekend.  Okay, I like Disney.  sounds fun.


5K is sold out, plus you don’t get a metal.  I want evidence.


10K.  A 10K?  Well, 10K are too bad around 6 miles.  That’s doable. Sold Out.


Where there seems to be some 10K with the charity group.

Look-up charity group – it the Scott Carter Foundation – raises money to fight childhood cancers.

Okay.  Raise $500 to fight cancer.  Okay, I should be able to do that.

Click.  10K sold out but there are spaces for the half-marathon.

So, here is where I have what I call a Holy Brain Fart.  (please bear with me on this) A brain fart is – as you may know – when you can’t remember information that you know – say like on your phone number or address.  A Holy Brain Fart is when you do space out on common information because God has a bigger plan than you do.

So here was my Holy brain fart.  Hmmm, well I am willing to do 10K and a marathon is 26.2K, so a half a marathon is only 13.1K.  It’s only 3.1K then a 10K right.

I can do that!

I blithely sign up.  Pay my dues and agree to raise $500 by the first of January 2017.  La de da.

I’m excited to tell people on facebook and my nerdfitness FB group.

Go out with my husband and talk about my plans and he says 13.1 miles is going to be a lot.



The bad news:

  • It’s 13.1 miles
  • I am 265.4lbs
  • I haven’t run consistently since the Army (17 years ago)
  • I have to maintain a 16 minute or less pace for all 13.1 miles

The good news is:

  • It’s late April so I have time to prepare
  • I’m not the first obese person to do it, so it’s been done
  • We live in the internet age…lots of support and information
  • I live in a hilly part of Florida
  • I am a good planner.

So, with my husband having a light lunch I come up with the basic parameters.

  • Spend the first few months focusing on getting my cardio and strength up and weight down.
  • Sign up for local running events to help me out
  • Build up…walk, walk-run, and practice running more as my weight lightens.

So I get back home and go to my favorite place when I am looking for advice on something that I don’t know how to do…Pinterest.  The articles I find basically agree with my plan.  I did get some advice to get some appropriate running shoes.  I mean – there are shoes made to help people overweight run.

So, first steps – sign up for some races, buy a good pair of running shoes, and set up a way to help raise $500.

Watch for updates.  I could use all the goodwill I could get so if you got it let me know in the comments.  Thanks!

8 thoughts on “I Signed-up for a Half Marathon (almost accidentally)

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  2. You’ve got this!! Disney races are so much fun, and you have plenty of time to train. I am running the full Disney Marathon in 2017 — never been to Florida in January, so I’m hoping the weather is decent!

    Have you decided if you’re going to do a Disney themed running outfit? I’m still debating on what I want to wear.

    1. I am thinking of a Darkwing Duck costume. Still trying to figure it out.

      Congratulations on the full Marathon! Florida in January is tricky. It’s hard to say how cold or hot it will be.

      1. Darkwing Duck would be an amazing costume!! I’ve settled on an Ariel costume, but in case it’s cold when the race starts, I will plan to wear a disposable poncho or garbage bag for heat.

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