Displaying Paints and Small Craft Supplies


Now, I don’t have to tell you whether you craft on a small scale or a large scale that crafting involves a lot of little supplies.  When it comes to storing them bookshelves alone don’t help much. They are too deep to be able to access the small scale craft supplies like paint and stamps.

What to do?  What to do?

First, I went to Pinterest for help.  I started with craft room organizing, and they come up with a lot of useful tips like:

Using hanging jewelry organizers for small items – this one had Velcro straps for connecting it to the bottom of a hanger, so I straightened it out and used some Velcro strips from Lowe’s to attach it to a flat part of my desk.




and over the door shoe holders for small supplies.20160201_111500

They also had some great tips to hold craft paint – just nothing I could use.  I either didn’t have the tools/supplies, or it was beyond my skills.

So, here a solution I developed

Tiered shelf


  • 2 – 2x4x96 pieces of wood
  • Some type of saw -hand, circular or miter
  • sandpaper
  • paint  (if desired)
  • Liquid Nails (if desired)

I created a tiered shelf out of two 2x4s.

I started by measuring the inside width of my shelf which was 28 inches.

I took the wood, measured off the sections and cut it into 4 section which gave me 3 – 28″ sections and 1 – 12″ section.

034   029

I cut the small section into four pieces – not worrying if the pieces were even or not. (NOTE: If your using a Miter saw to do the large cut don’t use them to make these small cuts unless you have some experience with it.  Use a hand saw, or circular saw keeps your hand and digits far away from your cutting area.)  Sand down the rough edges.


For my needs, I used 5 – 28″ pieces of 2×4 and 6 blocks. I put them together like so.

031 032 033 036 037

So there you go.  This also lets me see what supplies I have so I quit buying duplicates.  For example, I don’t think I need to buy invisible tape anytime soon.


I also did a similar one for larger bottles and spray cans.


I didn’t glue mine.  Didn’t feel it was necessary and it gives me the flexibility to change it in the future.  I haven’t painted the shelves yet – waiting to decide how I want to paint them.  For me, this was much easier, more practical and cheaper than other options.  Hope it helps.

Happy Crafting

P.S. I did paint it!


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