The Varsity

The Varsity is a fast food restaurant located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia.  It was getting close to noon as we zoomed into Atlanta on our way home from Tennessee and armed with my new found need to try new places we stopped in.

The Varsity came by recommendation by some our friends in Atlanta.  The essence of their endorsement was “There wasn’t anything healthy.”  Hey, let’s go in!

It was packed.  The only places I’ve seen fast food with these kinds of lines and large amount of seating areas in Walt Disney and Universal theme parks. (I did mention that I live in Florida, right?)


The menu is very simple mostly a variety of hot dogs and hamburgers either plain, with chili, with coleslaw or with chili and coleslaw.  They also offer French fries, onion rings, fried apple or peach pies and the Varsity Orange drink.


Did I mention that this place was packed?  We waited in line for about 20 minutes.  While we were waiting I couldn’t help but notice a lot of the customers were wearing Atlanta Braves apparel.  Later, when we finished eating and heading south for home, there was no mistaking that there was a Braves game going on that day and it seems that a lot of people had a tradition of going to The Varsity before heading out to watch the baseball game.

Hubster ordered two slaw dogs with onion rings, my son ordered a chili cheese burger and chili cheese dog combo with French fries and I rounded out our order with a chili slaw dog  with an apple and a peach fried pie.  I also ordered a Varsity Orange drink for my son to make sure we tried what the Varsity special offerings.

Chili slaw dog
Fries and Rings
chili cheese burger and chili cheese hot dog
slaw dogs
Varsity Orange Drink


The first thing I noticed about the hot dogs was that they were all beef.  Yay!  Chili cheese dog was alright, the slaw dog was interesting but the best way to eat at hot dog at The Varsity was the chili slaw dog.  It gave your taste buds something to think about while chewed.  I kinda wished that we had gotten a burger with chili and slaw on it as well but was not willing to go back into the line for that.

I liked the onion ring batter but it didn’t work for me as a whole, that might be because they were a little cold.  French fries – I have to give props – the fries tasted like they came from fresh potatoes as opposed to coming from the freezer bags.  The potato taste really came through but like the onion rings, the fries were on the cold side.

The Varsity Orange drink had a good flavor and was refreshing. It left me wished I had ordered one for my own.  It is similar to an orange soda minus the carbonation.  I have steered clear of carbonated drinks since my tonsillectomy so the change from tea, water and lemonade options was quite pleasant.

Pies.  Fried pies.  Fried pies with apple.  Fried pies with peach.  Winner of the fried pies is the peach pie!  The peach just had a unique flavor (similar to peach cobbler) and complemented the pie crust the  best while the apple was alright.


Best! – Chili Slaw Dog, fried peach pie and varsity orange!  If you get a chance – try it yourself.



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