Old Mill Restaurant

My next step in adventure dining was at the Old Mill Restaurant in downtown Pigeon Forge.  The building used to be an old water mill that was used for grinding grains or milling them.  We got there close to 10am but the wait was only about 15 minutes.

While I waited I sat on a bench soaking in the atmosphere.  There was an historic general store next door and they had hired a folk singer to play the guitar and sing.  He was singing “Wrap me in old Glory when I die”  He had the perfect voice for in slightly creaking but could still carry the tune.  I’ve never actually heard that song before but had a feeling he was singing in honor of Memorial Day weekend.  That was confirmed when he immediately went into “This Land is Your Land”.


We got in easily enough.  The dining room of the old mill was expansive.  They had the complimentary spiced mini muffins and orange juice.  The orange juice was the normal no pulped kind.  The muffins were really good.  Just enough spice so they didn’t overwhelm you and just the right amount of moistness.

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Being determined to try new things I scanned the menu for unusual food items.  Most of the food was standard country breakfast fare – eggs, bacon, country ham, grits and the like.  What stood out for me as unusual is the cinnamon raisin bread French toast and the fact the sausage was made local.  Now, I have to admit I was skeptical of ordering the French toast.  While I like cinnamon I not big on raisins that have been baked.  So, I did try to be a coward and just see if I could only get a piece of French toast and have the standby of pancakes and such. That wasn’t an option.  So I ordered the full order of 3 pieces of French toast with hard boiled eggs and local sausage patties.  Hubster ordered a the country breakfast with bacon, hard fried eggs and potatoes.  The country breakfast also came with grits, biscuits and gravy.  My son ordered the pancake breakfast with bacon and scrambled eggs.

Pancake Breakfast
Cinnamon Raisin Bread French Toast with local country sausage
Country Breakfast

The best thing I ate hands down was the French toast.  Now I still didn’t like the cooked raisins but there weren’t so many in it that it made it a pain to remove them.  Now the French toast was alright plain.  Butter made it better.  Butter and syrup made it awesome!

The sausage patties were interesting.  Some times I find store sausage a little overwhelming.  These had milder taste with a little spice.  They also seemed less greasy.  Hubster commented that he would like a little more flavor but I thought they were right on.  Eggs were cooked to order which isn’t always a guaranteed thing and the potatoes were a favorite of Hubster.

Food rundown

Best – Cinnamon raisin bread French toast, country sausage, eggs, spiced muffins and potatoes

Okay – Pancakes, bacon and biscuits and gravy

Neh – Grits

Overall I thought it was a good place to get breakfast.  If you want to know more about the place you can check out the signs.

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Or go to their website at http://www.old-mill.com/


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